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Are you an activism-related group, institute, organisation or company that subscribe the aim and method of ActivistWiki? Support ActivistWiki by becoming a sponsor. This means that you will promote ActivistWiki amongst your members and possibly others, and some of you may become part of the moderator team. You could also intend to use the activities that you organise as input for ActivistWiki. For instance, when you organise a debate or workshop, the wisdom you create together does not need to stay only with yourselves but can be share with the wider world, by summarising and adding this text to ActivistWiki. Of course, we will put your name, logo, email and hyperlink under the sponsor-tab: this can promote your own group. We expect that your group, ActivistWiki and activists world-wide will contribute from your sponsorship. Please contact for more information about becoming a sponsor.