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ActivistWiki is an organisation in development. There are vacancies in every team: please contact any team if you would like to join us. ActivistWiki has the following teams:

  • Web team: this team is responsible for developing, maintaining and improving the technical aspects of ActivistWiki; email:
  • Coordinators: this team overviews the development of ActivistWiki and the communication between the different teams:
  • Administrators: this team is responsible for  the day-to-day coordination of ActivistWiki, such as organising meetings, sending emails to moderators, maintaining lists of moderators, contributors, teams and sponsors:
  • Policy & process team: this temporary team is responsible for creating and facilitating the processes and policies of ActivistWiki:
  • Moderators: this team adds existing activist texts to the ActivistWiki, edits texts, and moderates texts via improving language, clarifying any inconsistency and unclarity, and mediating discussions between contributors if needed; there are multiple teams  of moderators, each focused on one specific theme:
  • PR team: this team promotes ActivistWiki via Facebook, Email Newsletter, Press Releases and other media: and
  • Finance team: this team is responsible for the finances of ActivistWiki and will search for financial sponsors of ActivistWiki:
  • Sponsors: sponsors are activism-related groups, institutes, organisations or companies that subscribe the aim and method of ActivistWiki, actively promote ActivistWiki amongst their members and external, are part of the moderator team, intend to use the activities that they organise as input for ActivistWiki (e.g. a debate or workshop organised by the sponsor will be summarised and added to ActivistWiki), and their name logo email and hyperlink will be included under the sponsor-sidetab in the bar left on every ActivistWiki-page.
  • Contributors: these are the individuals who contribute to the wiki’s via adding, editing and discussing texts. Individual contributors will create their own account via ActivistWiki and can be contacted via this account.

At 28 June 2016 there will be an open meeting at 7pm at King’s College London, United Kingdom, for anyone interested in joining any of the ActivistWiki teams. Please contact us first with any questions or confirming that you will coming at this date. If you are interested in helping us before this date, please contact us via the email addresses stated above or

After 28 June 2016, the policy team will further develop the organisational structure, and will work towards setting up ActivistWiki as a non-profit cooperative. It is intended to have half-yearly meetings of all teams together (in real life and/or via Skype). There will be a democratic rotational system in which the members of the teams will be selected. More information about this will follow at a later stage.