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The Wikipedia for and by people building a better world.


A better world starts with sharing information! ActivistWiki shares information about HOW TO CHANGE society with any individuals wanting to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world. ActivistWiki intends to realise this aim by creating a world-wide hub for activists and researchers to share their best-practice and evidence-based experience and knowledge. ActivistWiki intends to present this information in such a way that this is both easily understandable and directly applicable for activists, and that is also based on solid examples or evidence, and referring to other resources such as websites and books for more information on the topics. The focus is on sharing texts on how-to-change instead of merely telling why-to-change or what-to-change. ActivistWiki is created by and for anyone sharing this aim, which includes for example activists and academics. The contributions, discussions, moderation and administration of ActivistWiki intend to be an example of the aim, by being as inclusive and democratic as possible, while acknowledging the diversity of perspectives and excluding any discriminatory and paternalistic texts or behaviour. This is a beta-version, which means that this website is a trial, and a new large group of moderatos and administrators will be created on the long term to further develop this website (please join our team; see the emails on the contact side-tab!).

General mission

The first mission of ActivistWiki is to share know-how on activism, based on best-practice examples and empirical evidence, with a neutral tone and a diversity of opinions, which makes the information directly applicable and links to other resources on activism. The second mission of ActivistWiki is to connect activists/researchers with each other, and create an open, non-hierarchic and inclusive community which is organised in a democratic, non-hierarchic and inclusive way and developed pragmatically over time.

General strategy

The general strategy of ActivistWiki is to create a webpage similar to Wikipedia, where a large number of individuals world-wide can search, add, edit and discuss activist know-how. This website will be actively promoted amongst activists, to contribute to and to use in their activities. ActivistWiki will be dominantly left progressive but will neither promote nor condone any promotion for specific political parties or activist groups. After a quick launch of a basic website by a small group of initiators, on the long term ActivistWiki will be collectively run by a wide group of activists representative of the wide activist communities. To guarantee its sustainability, a structured and funded non-profit cooperative organisation will be created on the long term.


Many societies need change to become more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable

Current practice: little sharing of activism expertise

Prevent reinventing the wheel

More effective activism by focusing on best-practice evidence-based ways of changing society

Centralising references to other activism resources (e.g. website and books) which are often difficult to find and/or not strongly promoted: a world-wide central hub of references to other resources

Informing individuals new to activism

Empowering isolated activists, e.g. in dictator-led countries

Ideas are at the heart of societal change. Sharing information and training activists have shown many times to be effective to change history. For instance activists in the Arab Spring were trained.


For: all activists world-wide, who are trying to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world

By:        - contributors: any individuals with expertise on activism (e.g. activists & academics)

            - moderators: a rotating group of independent expert activists, new activists, academics, representative of the wide range of activist groups

All contributors and moderators will follow:

            - safe space policy (see side-tab on this topic)

            - moderators will check the neutrality of the contributors and stimulate maintenance of the safe space

            - moderators and contributors do not promote or defend the interests of specific activist groups, companies or political parties

            - encyclopaedic and practical tone (how-to-do-it)

            - no ideological rants


Aim = share expertise on how to change society to create a more equal, fair, inclusive and sustainable world

What information could be shared in a Wiki:

Key problem:  problem in society or activism that could be 

Solutions & steps: suggestions how to solve the problem; description of  possible step-wise procedure and strategy

Evidence & examples: showing how these solutions could work in practice

Challenges & overcoming: possible problems with solutions + how to overcome these

Discussion points: differences in opinion between contributors or authors

Further reading: ‘See also’; ‘Read more’; ‘External links’;‘Sources’

It is also possible for contributors and moderators to use different headings and subheadings if that improves the presentation of the topic.

Some philosophical foundations

“How-to-do-it models and manuals provide step by step guidelines for most human activity, from baking a cake and playing tennis to having a relationship and winning a war (…) However, in activism this is hard to come by.” (Moyer, Doing Democracy, 2012, p. 85).

“Dominant strands of literature tend to overlook the importance and nature of learning in social movements (…) this reluctance stems from (a) viewing social movement practice as political and not educative, (b) the tendency in adult life to dismiss informal education in everyday life, and (c) the increasing professionalization of the field, which has moved the field away from its historical roots within social movements themselves.” (Choudry, 2015, Learning Activism, p. 8)

“Activists (…) are left struggling to save the world in the dim light of obscurity and wondering why more people don’t value what they do. (…) I don’t think activists and community groups need new ideas to save the world (…) we just have to communicate old ideas more effectively. We need to focus on packaging, just like big corporations and politicians do.” (Salzman, 2003, Making the News, p. 1).

Who is behind this website? has been initiated by a small unrepresentative group of pragmatic activists who hope that this basic version of the website will help to develop this website further, so that ActivistWiki will be owned, developed and maintained on the long term by a wide community of moderators, administrators and contributors. We have no interests in any political party, activist groups or extremist groups, we simply want to create a platform for a wider community wanting to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world.

About this version?

This is a beta-version of This means, that this is the first trial of this website. Any suggestions for this website are very welcome. Also if you would like to contribute, either by adding content or becoming one of the content-moderators or administrators/IT, please let us know via: (moderators) or (website).