Activist Frst Aid Kit

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You can find here some activist first aid’ steps that you could take when you are in an urgent political situation. We are still looking for more texts, for instance on how to organise a mass demonstration after a sudden political change, how to manage civil unrest and riots, how to get rid of a dictator, etc. Please send any suggestions to the moderators:


How to set up a new group

Wanting to set up a new group but do not know how? Read the following texts: 

How to do background research on the problems in your community? and

How to understand how groups develop and be stimulated over time?

How to start a community action?

How to set up a non-hierarchical affinity group?

How to use evidence-based strategies to build a social movement?  and

How can you write a temporary foundation document for a new group?

How to recruit volunteers?

How could you set up a worker's coop?

How could you write a business and financial plan? and

How to organise & facilitate a meeting

How can you organise a meeting?

How to improve the accessibility of the meeting?

How can you facilitate a meeting?

How to make minutes of your meeting? 

How to make decisions in your meeting? and and

How to organise a virtual meeting?

How to facilitate a workshop? 

How to organise effective direct action 

How can you select from different types of direct action?

How to find hundreds of inspirational examples of direct action? 

How can you plan your action or campaign? and see also

How to create visual maps for your campaign?

How can you set up a mass action?  and  and

How to use effective procedures and mechanisms in campaigns?  and

ow can you deal with the media and journalists and and 

How to motivate individuals and prevent burnout

ow can you contact and get support from the wider community and   and   and

How could you organise community building activities?

How can you evaluate and improve your activities?

How can you develop an effective strategy and think strategically and

How can you set up a boycot

How to prevent governments spying on you

How to prepare for escape

How to solve problems between members of your group

How can you find a solutaion from a general overview of possible solutions?

How can you understand why conflicts occur and how could these be solved?:

How do activist groups work socially and why are some members in your group difficult?

How could you resolve conflicts?

How to deal with multi-stakeholder negotiations and failures in building a social movement?

How to use nonviolent communication?

How to deal with possible police infiltrators in your group?

How to cope with emotional problems of members of your group

How to deal with individuals who do not believe in the power of the social movement anymore?

How could you deal with activist burnout or wanting to prevent burnout in your group? Read 

How could you cope when you are traumatised by stressful events? Read and

How could you deal with the stress after an assualt by the police? Read

How to motivate individuals and prevent burnout

ow could groups learn to listen better to each other, to support each other better?

How could groups take care of themselves and create a culture of radical social-emotional support amongst activists? Follow the suggestions on this page:

Hacktivism tips & tricks (more input needed!)

How to find out who is spying on you? (more info needed!)

How to prevent governments spying on you  (more info needed!)

How to become Anonymous

How to hack websites of so-called ISIS/ISIL/Da'es?