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Become a contributor!

ActivistWiki needs you! ActivistWiki only exists thanks to its contributors. A contributor adds, edits or discusses texts, or talks with others. Everyone can contribute with their unique experience, expertise or perspective, regardless of their background, age, nationality, gender or level of experience in activism. By becoming a contributor, you are helping to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world. Everyone can contribute to creating a better world. As our team of contributors is still growing, we need many new contributors. Please register now to become a contributor.

HOW TO BECOME A CONTRIBUTOR (=be able to add, edit and discuss pages): 

Step 1. Create an account

Click on 'create account' at the right top of the screen, and create an account. Follow the steps that you are automatically shown. After this, your account will be immediately active. With this account you can view pages and talk but cannot edit, add or discuss pages. 

2. Complete this form 

Safety, security and reliability are important for us! Therefore, we ask you to fill in the following questions, to prevent fake or bot contributors and contributors violating the safe space we would like to create on ActivistWiki. 

Step 3. Confirmation 

We will send you a confirmation email within max 2 days. You will immediately be able to contribute to the site. 


1. Edit a page

After you have been accepted as contributor: search for a page via the 'search screen'. When you see the relevant screen, click on 'edit'-tab on the right top of the screen, and you can edit  the text. Do not forget to click on 'save' !


Step 2. Discuss a page 

After you have been accepted as contributor: search for a page via the 'search screen'. When you see the relevant screen, click on the 'discussion'-tab on top of the screen, and you can contribute to the discussion on the page. Do not forget to click on 'save' !

Step 3. Talk with other contributors and moderators

After you have been accepted as contributor: click on the button 'talk' on the right top of your screen, and you can talk with other contributors and moderators. 

Step 4. 'Create a new page

After you have been accepted as contributor: go to the tab on the left of your screen that says 'content' (this tab is placed under the general heading 'contribute'). You can add a new page by writing the title of the new page in this screen at the bottom of the page. 

Where to find content.png

Step 5. Use the default headings on a new page

After you have been registered as a contributor and have created a new page in step 4, read the tab "default headings" on the left of your screen: this tab shows you the default headings, that we recommend all contributors to use; this means that for every page you will use these headings. If you do not have enough information under every heading, no worries simply write there: "[to be added]". If required, you may use some other headings in a page. If you want to see a template of the default headings and/or copy-paste these default headings, go to: 

Step 5. Edit layout

You can edit layout in the screen when you click on 'edit'. This works like a Word text software. Headings use the paragraph format [heading 2] and texts under heading use the paragraph format [normal text]. You can find this in the Word-like text software. Do not forget to click on 'save' !


Step 6. Add a picture 

Make sure you are aware of the disclaimer and copyright policy of ActivistWiki (you can find this at the bottom of the page): this policy tells that you can only use pictures, tables and other figures that you are allowed to use: either the original author clearly states that you could use the picture, and/or if you are the author of the picture, you allow ActivistWiki and other users to use the picture again (ActivistWiki follows anti-copyright regulations). Save a picture on your computer. Click on 'upload file' under the tab on the left of your screen. Select the file, type a title to the picture, write the author and copyright acknowledgement to the picture (ALWAYS be clear where the picture comes from; without source, the picture will be deleted by the moderators and cannot be used on any ActivistWiki page). Click on the button on the bottom of the page to upload the file. The file is now saved on the ActivistWiki page. To insert a picture, edit an ActivistWiki page, put your cursor on the place where you want to insert the picture, and click on the symbol with the picture, select your picture  and you can edit its details via the buttons in that screen; click on 'OK' and the picture will be added to the page. 

Insert file.png