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Become a moderator!

We need moderators: we need you! The moderator team adds existing activist texts to the ActivistWiki, edits texts, invites experts to contribute, and moderates texts via improving language, clarifying any inconsistency and unclarity, and mediating discussions between contributors if needed; there are multiple teams  of moderators, each focused on one specific theme. Do not hesitate to ask any questions via:

How to become as a moderator

1. Register with ActivistWiki and become a contributor by clicking on the button 'create account' on the right top corner of the screen. Follow the  next steps. You will be able to edit, add or discuss any pages. 

2. Contact and tell us that you would like to become moderator and tell us in some lines about yourself. 

3. We will send you an email in which we will tell you that you have been accepted or not as a moderator. This email will also include a document with more details about how ActivistWiki works. In the meantime, we will change your account with ActivistWiki to become a moderator. This means that you can do the same things as a contributor, but in addition you can moderate texts and discussions. 

4. We will add you to an email group and closed Facebook group where you can meet with other moderators. You will be invited for meetings with other moderators. 

5. More information will follow on this page, which will explain how moderation works.