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Want to add, edit or discuss texts on activism? The texts on ActivistWiki are usually about the following content:  

  • Any information that could help activists to create a more equal, fair, inclusive, democratic and sustainable world.
  • Write in an easily understandable and directly applicable way for activists
  • Base the texts on examples or evidence (‘best-practice and evidence-based experience and knowledge’)
  • Where possible, refer to other resources such as websites and books for more information on the topics
  • The focus is on how-to-change and not only telling why-to-change or what-to-change  
  • Although the political perspective is usually left-wing and progressive, centre and moderate-left contributions are equally welcome. Extremist-right wing political contributions and texts promoting neoliberalism, capitalism, militarism, commercialism, racism and inequality are not welcome.
  • You should be aware of the Safe Space Policy and follow this (see in the side-tab on the bar left on the screen).
  • Be aware of the disclaimer and copyright regulations (see 'disclaimer' at the bottom of the screen).
  • The writing style has an encyclopaedic and practical tone.
  • Moderators and contributors do not promote or defend the interests of specific activist groups, companies or political parties. Ideological and political rants are not tolerated.
  • It is important to be clear about the source of reference of a text: for instance, does the text come from scientific research, from personal experience, from a case example, etc. Always write the source behind a text between brackets (personal opinion).
  • The language is English, preferably in British English spelling, but do not let this withhold you from contributing any texts, as the moderators will edit the texts and can help you with writing. Also use the ‘discussion’ or ‘talk’ pages where you can discuss your questions.
  • Never hesitate to contribute anything, or to ask help how you can contribute to a text: the moderators are here to help you! Email for any help:


If you are a contributor you may use the input box below to create a new page, or edit an already existing page by visiting that page and using the 'Edit' button on the top right